In IBO’s annual forecast issue, we take a look back at the business trends that emerged or accelerated in the prior year in the analytical instrument industry. The list is presented in alphabetical order. Applied Markets Companies such as Applied Biosystems, Bruker Daltonics, Invitrogen, QIAGEN NV and Waters continued to expand into the so-called “applied […]

Laboratory automation equipment can increase laboratory efficiency, especially in areas where processes depend on repetition and precision. Lab automation is also a way to increase productivity, throughput and, perhaps, most importantly, lower the cost per sample analyzed. In 2007, growth for the overall lab automation market was disappointing. Historically, the automation market grows between 7% […]

Most everyone would agree that 2007 was a very good year, except for the last few months when subprime loans and housing issues dominated the news. The analytical and life science instrument industry turned in an unexpectedly strong performance. Instrument companies continued to focus on emerging markets. Biotech spending was robust and pharmaceutical expenditures improved […]

The molecular spectroscopy market is as consistent as any segment of the entire analytical instrument market. Overall, the molecular spectroscopy market is expected to grow 6.3% in 2008, a scant 0.1% increase over the forecast for 2007. Furthermore, with the exception of Raman spectroscopy, which is the smallest of all molecular spectroscopy segments, no other […]

The life science instrumentation market grew 8.7% to $9.2 billion in 2007. The market consists of DNA and peptide sequencers, DNA and peptide synthesizers, nucleic acid amplification or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) systems, gel electrophoresis equipment, molecular biology purification kits, microarray-based products, biosensors, bioinformatics and cheminformatics, cell analysis technologies and in vivo animal imaging. The […]

Four Companies Make Bid for Whatman London, UK 1/14/08 and 1/15/08—Filtration and life science consumables company Whatman has confirmed that it has received offers to acquire the company. The Financial Times reported on January 15 that Danaher, General Electric, Millipore and Parker Hannifin have approached the company and that the auction’s second round was held […]

San Diego and Santa Clara, CA 1/10/08—Affymetrix and Illumina have signed a settlement agreement, ending their four-year patent dispute. Under the agreement, Illumina will make a one-time payment of $90 million to Affymetrix without admitting liability. In exchange, Affymetrix has granted Illumina, its affiliates and its customers a perpetual covenant not to file suit for […]

Karlsruhe and Viersen, Germany 1/3/08—Bruker AXS GmbH has agreed to acquire JUWE Laborgeräte GmbH, a provider of combustion analysis systems for the analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. In 2007, JUWE recorded revenues of approximately $3 million. The renamed Bruker JUWE GmbH will be relocated to Kalkar, Germany, where together with Bruker Quantron […]

Hanau, Germany 12/11/07—Elemental analyzer firm Elementar Analysensysteme has acquired the former GV Instruments gas isotope ratio (IR) MS product line from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Last year, Thermo Fisher Scientific was ordered to divest the GV Instruments business by the UK’s Competition Commission (see IBO 5/31/07). Isoprime, a new subsidiary of Elementar Analysensysteme, will continue to […]

Carlsbad, CA 1/10/08—Invitrogen has definitively agreed to acquire CellzDirect, a provider of hepatocyte-based primary cell products and services, for $57 million in cash. Hepatocyte-based primary cells are used in predicting the effect of a drug on enzymatic metabolism in the liver. “CellzDirect’s high-value products and services will greatly complement Invitrogen’s market-leading portfolio of complete cell […]