CRISPR is a disruptive gene editing methodology that has invigorated the genomics market, taking life science research to another level of innovation. With explosive growth, the technology is not only creating opportunities in genetic engineering but is fueling growth for enabling technologies, such as NGS, PCR, lab automation, microarrays, nucleic acid preparation kits, flow cytometry […]

Genotyping is a process of determining the genetic makeup of an organism by examining its DNA sequence, exploring underlining genetic variants such as SNPs. It is typically performed with microarray technology, but PCR and sequencing are also used. The advantage of using microarrays for genotyping is that they can process hundreds to thousands of samples, […]

The annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference held in early January is a major investor conference for health care companies, including instrument and lab-product companies. Several such companies presented business and strategy updates at the conference, highlighting their successes of the past year and plans for 2015. The information in this article is based on online […]

The life science (LS) market consists of 14 distinct technology categories and is the largest of all analytical-instrument markets, including aftermarket and service revenues. In this year’s forecast issue, the LS category also includes capillary electrophoresis, which was previously counted as part of the separations market. In 2014, the LS market increased 5.9% to $11.8 […]