Although there have been some marginally portable near infrared (NIR) spectrometers available for a number of years, the market has recently taken off. This is due to the rise of more effective handheld NIR instruments. While the primary applications for portable and handheld NIR instruments are in the polymers and plastics industry, there is growing […]

In calendar year 2008, Thermo Fisher Scientific retained its position as the number one provider of analytical and life science instruments and aftermarket products, according to IBO’s annual calculation of the top 30 companies. The top 30 companies generated an estimated $26.6 billion in sales of analytical and life science instruments and aftermarket products last […]

Company Announcements MoBiTec GmbH agreed to distribute NIZO’s NICE (NIsin Controlled Gene Expression Systems) system for controlled gene expression in L. lactis. Luminex COO Douglas C. Bryant resigned in January to become president and CEO of Quidel. Sequenom named Allan T. Bombard, MD, to the newly created position of chief medical officer in January. Previously, […]

The cosmetics and personal care market is a bright spot for many chemical companies during the recession. Univar Personal, Gelest and Rhodia are among the firms that have indicated continuing demand for cosmetic and personal care products and ingredients. However, customers are switching to more cost-effective brands and products. To continue to attract customers and […]

R&D spending by members of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) increased 4.9% last year to an estimated $50,253.6 million. Domestic R&D spending rose 5.0% to $38,437.8 million and foreign R&D climbed 4.7% to $11,825.7 million. As a percentage of sales, R&D expenditures totaled 17.4%, compared to 17.5% in 2007. In 2007, PhRMA […]

Company Announcements Nikon Instruments expanded its distribution of JOEL’s NeoScope benchtop scanning electron microscope (see IBO 3/15/08) to Europe in December 2008. In January, SPECS GmbH, a developer of surface analysis tools and UHV equipment, acquired Nanosis GmbH, a supplier of nanotechnology control equipment. Nanosis’s operations will remain in Zurich, Switzerland. FEI’s 2008 revenues grew […]

Company Announcements Setaram agreed to distribute HEL’s range of adiabatic calorimeters. Anton Paar GmbH opened an Indian subsidiary in Delhi, in January and a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo in February, bringing its total number of subsidiaries to 12. The company posted sales of €108 million ($148 million) in 2007 and its rheometry orders rose 14% […]