Like several related surface analysis techniques, Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) provides information about the composition of surfaces by probing the interaction of the samples with various types of radiation. In ESCA, a beam of energetic X-rays irradiates the surface, while detectors measure the energies of the electrons ejected by the high-energy X-ray photons. […]

Product Introductions Hach introduced the NO3D sc Nitrate sensor for wastewater treatment plants that monitor nitrogen removal online. It features an integrated chloride electrode. Hach released its MP Meters for pH, oxidation reduction potential, conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids and temperature. They work without probes, and feature single-handed operation and integrated sample cups. Sartorius Stedim […]

Company Announcements ThalesNano named three new distributors: PyNN for China, M.A.D. Technology for South Africa, and Superlab Instrumentacao Analitica for Brazil. Activotec will exclusively sell in Europe Creosalus‘s peptide synthesizers, including the Tetras, and chemical product range. Creosalus will exclusively sell Activotec’s synthesizers in the US and Canada. Syrris established a Brazilian subsidiary in São […]

Company Announcements Waters became the exclusive distributor of S-Matrix’s Fusion Method Development software. In January, Sigma-Aldrich Supelco was named the sole US and Canadian distributor of Eka Chemical’s Kromasil analytical HPLC columns. Repligen extended its relationship with GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB by entering into a five-year supply agreement for recombinant Protein A. In February, Phenomenex […]

Company Announcements NanoString Technologies announced a three-year collaboration with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to investigate molecular networks involved in immune response and other important biological processes. Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services announced a comarketing agreement with medicinal-chemistry services firm Prestwick Chemical. Protea Biosciences entered into a distribution and product development agreement with […]

Foster City, CA and Concord, Canada 2/16/10—MS supplier AB SCIEX has acquired Eksigent Technologies for an undisclosed amount. Eksigent provides advanced low-flow HPLC systems. “This acquisition addresses a broad range of life science applications, such as the rapidly growing peptide quantitation market, by further enabling breakthrough performance and ease of use through the combination of […]

White Plains, NY 2/17/10; Woburn, MA 2/2/10—ITT, a provider of transport and treatment for water, wastewater and other fluids, has agreed to acquire Nova Analytics for an undisclosed amount. Nova Analytics provides lab, field and online analytical instruments for environmental, medical, and food and beverage applications. Its brands include WTW, SI Analytics, Global Water and […]

Waltham, MA 2/26/10—PerkinElmer has agreed to purchase the remaining interest of its joint venture in Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and related assets from Danaher. Danaher purchased a 50% share of the joint venture when it acquired MDS Analytical Technologies (see IBO 9/15/09). “The consolidation of the joint venture will reinforce our market leadership position […]

Darmstadt, Germany and Billerica, MA 2/28/10; Billerica, MA 2/24/10—Merck KGaA has agreed to acquire Millipore for approximately £5.3 million ($7.2 billion), including net debt, or $107 per share in cash. Millipore provides bioproduction and bioresearch products, including life science consumables, filtration and laboratory water products. The deal comes a week after media reports that Thermo […]