Digital PCR (dPCR) extends traditional PCR into the realm of real-time quantitative PCR. It is a method used to directly quantify and clonally amplify nucleic acids. It is an accurate and sensitive technique that counts individual nucleic acid molecules for applications such as detection of rare mutations and quantifying viral load, gDNA, cDNA, plasmids or […]

Due to the IBO’s January 15 forecast issue, third-quarter results for the Lab Equipment/Consumables Sales Index are included in this issue. Index sales grew 2.7%, 3.6% excluding currency, to $3,760.20 million. Operating profits improved 3.2% to $631.67 million, and adjusted operating margins were unchanged at 17.2% of sales. For the fiscal first quarter ending October […]

As detailed in the November 15 issue of IBO, an annual review by the EU showed that spending by 1,000 of the world’s largest publicly held companies that engage in substantial R&D activities declined last fiscal year. This month, the UK released its annual R&D spending review, which provided further evidence of the trends documented […]

Company Announcements Dani and JEOL (Europe) BV announced an exclusive distribution agreement or the Benelux for their respective Master-TOF MS and JMST100GCv. INFICON’s third-quarter Emergency Response & Security sales declined 43% to CHF 4.3 million ($4.2 million) due to lower North American sales. Third-quarter revenue for the Agilent Micro GC business (see IBO 3/31/10) was […]

Company Announcements AB SCIEX announced a joint technology development project with the University of Melbourne to improve drug metabolism studies of biopharmaceuticals. The project is focused on developing a standardized testing methodology based on the QTRAP 5500 and TripleTOF 5600. In November, AB SCIEX formed a direct sales organization in Korea. Former distributor Life Science […]

Fluorotechnics suspended trading of its shares on the Australian Stock Exchange on October 1. Fluorotechnics announced in October that it sold Gel Company for $150,000 in cash. OpGen completed a $17 million Series B equity financing in September, led by jVen Capital. In October, NanoString Technologies appointed Barney Saunders, PhD, chief commercial officer. He previously […]

Company Announcements Rapidus news service reported in September that Ludesi AB, the provider of Redfin software for two-dimensional gel image analysis, went bankrupt. The largest shareholder was Innovation Capital. Integromics appointed Dr. Michael J. McManus as president and CEO in September. Previously, he led GenomeQuest’s corporate marketing, strategic alliances, product marketing and product development efforts. […]

For fiscal year 2009, Spain’s expenditure on R&D declined 0.8% to €14,582 million ($19,332 million), accounting for 1.38% of GDP. The business sector accounted for 51.9% of total R&D expenditure, a decline of 6.3% from 54.9%. Tertiary education comprised 27.8%, an increase of 3.1% from 26.7%. Public administration R&D expenditure made up 20.1%, increasing 9.5% […]