The American Chemical Society (ACS) held its 241st National Meeting in Anaheim, California, on March 27–31. The technical program featured over 9,000 papers. Attendance was 14,023, down 22.4% from the spring 2010 conference held in San Francisco, California, which had the second-largest attendance ever. IBO attended a presentation by Simon J. Teague, PhD, principal scientist, […]

While instruments that measure the size and distribution of individual particles in a powder form a significant market, there is also an interesting but smaller market for instruments that measure the bulk properties of powders. These measurements are largely motivated by problems in industrial processing, where the behavior of powders passing through hoppers and bins, […]

Agilent Technologies, ITT and Merck KGaA each completed major analytical instrument or laboratory product acquisitions within the last year. IBO spoke with each company about the challenges related to and new opportunities resulting from the acquisitions. Merck completed its $7.0 billion purchase of Millipore in July 2010 (see IBO 2/28/10). According to Jon DiVincenzo, head […]

Since it was founded in 1994, Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) has aimed to provide its customers with desktop and enterprise solutions to efficiently manage the substantial amount of information generated in R&D. The company’s offerings include analytical data management and interpretation software, nomenclature software, and physicochemical property and ADMET prediction tools. ACD/Labs has grown from […]

Company Announcements Pyrolyzer maker Frontier Laboratories opened its first US office in October 2010 in Antioch, California. The company is working with Diablo Analytical to assist its existing US distributors, Quantum Analytics and Shimadzu. Shimadzu announced in January that its GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 systems can now be controlled in a Waters Empower Software environment. […]

Company Announcements NT-MDT announced that its US sales of scanning probe microscopes increased threefold in 2010. Sales in Europe grew more than 35%. Daniel McGee was named president of Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems’ North American operations in February. JPK Instruments appointed Lotis Korea as its exclusive Korean distributor and KL Analytical as its exclusive […]

Company Announcements Malvern Instruments acquired Sysmex’s industrial particle measurement business in October 2010. Particulate Systems, a Micromeritics brand, announced in December 2010 an exclusive agreement to distribute Material Flow Equipment’s SPECTester material segregation tester. Under a collaboration agreement, Beckman Coulter Particle Characterization will refer customers to ImmunoSite Technologies for particle characterization services, and ImmunoSite will […]

Company Announcements Under a license from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Akonni Biosystems plans to commercialize low-cost, multiplexed tests for research and IVD uses in bio-security applications. The tests are expected to be available in 2012. In February, GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services was the agent for and lender of $55 […]

Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry plans to establish the National Drug Quality Regulatory Authority as part of the National Drug Quality Regulatory Act, which will be delivered to Parliament by July. The Authority will fulfill the country’s need for quality testing of foreign pharmaceuticals. Currently, pharmacists randomly test drug batches. The Authority is expected to perform […]