An Institute of Medicine (IOM) study on “omics” tests at Duke University has found that such tests are susceptible to errors. The initial investigation began in 2009, when biostatisticians at MD Anderson Cancer Center voiced concern over the published claims of two Duke scientists that molecular patterns in tumor cells could indicate patients’ reactions to […]

Atomic Spectroscopy LECO introduced new configurations for its latest generation of inorganic and organic elemental analysis systems. Late last year, sulfur and oxygen analyzers were released for the CHN628 analyzer. Each option has a price of about $8,000 to $10,000. In May, a sulfur option will become available for the TruMac series at an additional […]

Washington, DC 3/21/12—Edwards Group, a British manufacturer of vacuum products and abatement systems, has filed with the SEC for a US IPO to raise $150 million. The company provides dry pumps, turbomolecular pumps and other vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are used in scientific instruments, such as MS systems and electron microscopes, to create a high-vacuum […]

Boston, MA 2/29/12; Boston, MA 3/28/12—PerkinElmer has filed suit against two companies in Massachusetts District Court, claiming infringement of its patents for MS technology. PerkinElmer claims Waters’s Premier, Synapt and Xevo MS systems infringe US Patent Nos. 5,652,427 and 5,962,851 (Multipole Ion Guide for Mass Spectrometry). PerkinElmer alleges Agilent Technologies’ 6100 Series Quadrupole, 6200 Series […]

Brea, CA 3/29/12—Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has acquired Blue Ocean Biomedical for an undisclosed amount. Blue Ocean Biomedical manufactures reagents and automated flow cytometry systems with integrated automated sample preparation for routine clinical analyses. “The simplification of customer workflows will be dramatic,” said Scott Atkin, president of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “We’ll be able to […]

Basel, Switzerland, 3/15/12; San Diego, CA 3/19/12; Basel, Switzerland 3/20/12; Basel Switzerland 3/25/12; San Diego, CA 3/25/12; San Diego, CA 3/26/12; Basel, Switzerland 3/29/12; San Diego, CA 3/29/12—Roche has increased its offer price for the outstanding shares of Illumina by 14.6% to $51.00 per share (see IBO 1/31/12, 2/15/12). Illumina advised its stockholders to take […]

At Pittcon, IBO sees many new products, which are defined as products released within six months of the show. From these products, each year IBO selects three that it feels are the most noteworthy for their innovation, technical achievements and commercial potential. This year, IBO has chosen instruments that meet these requirements in three different […]

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful technique for identification of a wide range of chemicals and compounds, but it was not a practical technique in the lab until about the 1980s and 1990s because of technological limitations. Improvements in fiber optics, optical filter technology and other areas, largely driven by the telecom revolution, helped bring lab […]