Digilab Genomic Solutions Inks Distribution and Supply and License and Supply Agreements with CyBio AG

Digilab Genomic Solutions® (DGS) today announced it has entered into Distribution and Supply and License and Supply Agreements with CyBio AG.

Under these agreements, DGS and CyBio will collaborate on manufacture and distribution of the DGS Hummingbird-Plus instrument. Digilab will supply Hummingbird® dispensing heads and cassettes (both in 96 and 384-well format) to CyBio and CyBio will manufacture the DGS Hummingbird-Plus instrument, integrating DGS Hummingbird heads/cassettes with its modular CyBi®-Well automation platform. Digilab will distribute the Hummingbird-Plus instruments worldwide (with the exception of Japan until January 1, 2009).

The Hummingbird-Plus is a universal parallel pipetting instrument for ultra low volume range applications (down to 25nL). The capillary-based pipetting technology of Digilab’s HummingBird product line is now completely integrated into the modular CyBi®-Well automation platform. Whenever DMSO-related issues (e.g. compound precipitations or assay interferences) arise, the Hummingbird-Plus provides the required solution. Due to its very low transfer volumes, compounds can be added directly to an assay plate without the need to prepare intermediate plates.

In addition to collaboration on the DGS Hummingbird-Plus, Digilab will license intellectual property related to dispensing heads for use in connection with CyBio’s CyBi®-Well vario instrument. Additionally, Digilab will manufacture and supply the capillary cassettes for the CyBi®-Well vario instrument.

“These two agreements broaden the existing business partnership between Digilab and CyBio. The expanded collaboration takes full advantage of the complimentary expertise of our two companies, resulting in more flexible tools and workflow solutions for principally the drug discovery and high-throughput screening markets” commented Jennifer Wu, DGS’s global product manager for genomics and liquid handling systems.

“With the agreement we can address a broader range of customers now.

Due to the continuous advancement of our mulitchannel pipettor CyBi®-Well vario we strengthen our worldwide leading position in the field of parallel pipetting. The combination of a sophisticated capillary technology with carefully designed instrument details allows faster automation of compound transfer directly from stock.” said Hanno Hermann, product manager multichannel at CyBio AG.

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