Oakwood Chemical Announces Strategic Partnership with EMP Biotech GmbH

ESTILL, S.C.Oakwood Chemical is thrilled to unveil its collaboration with EMP Biotech GmbH, a move set to streamline the oligo synthesis supply chain. With a keen focus on enhancing customer offerings, Oakwood Chemical has identified EMP Biotech as the ideal partner for supplying high-quality reagents and tools.

“This partnership signifies a significant milestone for Oakwood Chemical,” remarked Greg Butler, a company spokesperson. “Our extensive experience led us to recognize EMP Biotech’s unparalleled expertise in providing reagents and tools that align seamlessly with our oligo synthesis solutions.”

The collaboration opens doors for Oakwood Chemical to distribute EMP Biotech’s extensive range of products throughout North America. From cutting-edge solvents to hazardous materials, Oakwood Chemical is committed to delivering superior quality to its customers. By leveraging its Estill, South Carolina facility, Oakwood Chemical aims to streamline distribution processes, ensuring timely access to essential materials.

“Our customers in North America will benefit immensely from this partnership,” Butler added. “Reduced shipping costs and immediate access to stock materials demonstrate our commitment to providing unparalleled service and support.”

Oakwood Chemical’s dedication to regulatory compliance ensures seamless navigation of logistical challenges associated with distributing hazardous materials. With a robust fulfillment process centered around quality control, customers can trust Oakwood Chemical to deliver excellence every step of the way.

As part of its broader strategy, Oakwood Chemical is positioning itself as a key player in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Through collaborations like this one with EMP Biotech, Oakwood Chemical seeks to drive innovation and meet its customers’ evolving needs.

Looking ahead, Oakwood Chemical and EMP Biotech anticipate further collaboration beyond the distribution of oligo-synthesis solvents and reagents. While details remain undisclosed, both parties are committed to exploring avenues for continued growth and partnership.

To support and promote EMP Biotech’s products, Oakwood Chemical has integrated them into its online catalog and databases, such as Chemcats. Customers can now easily access a comprehensive range of products backed by Oakwood Chemical’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For inquiries or to explore Oakwood Chemical’s extensive product offerings, visit their website at https://oakwoodchemical.com, or contact them directly at (800) 467-3386.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Oakwood Chemical and EMP Biotech GmbH, poised to redefine standards and drive innovation in oligo synthesis.

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