OMNIS Coulometer and Sample Robot Oven launched

New system for trace-level analysis of moisture content and determination of bromine index

OMNIS, the modular platform for chemical analysis from Metrohm becomes ever more powerful: With the launch of the OMNIS Coulometer, users of OMNIS have now the complete scope of titration methods at their disposal – from pH measurement to potentiometric, photometric, and thermometric titration to volumetric Karl Fischer titration and coulometry for water determination in the trace level range.

Coulometry is the preferred method for trace-level determination of moisture content (10 µg to 10 mg content absolute) in liquid, solid, and gaseous matrices. It is simple to use, results are available in less than three minutes, and as coulometry is an absolute method, a titer determination is not required.

The OMNIS Coulometer offers maximum flexibility: If the sample volume increases, users can add another OMNIS Coulometer Module, e.g., to determine the moisture content and bromine index in parallel or to perform analyses with different reagents. Adding an OMNIS Dosing Module to the OMNIS Coulometer eliminates the risk of exposure to the KF reagent enabling the fully automated exchange of exhausted reagent.

Together with the OMNIS Coulometer, Metrohm launches the OMNIS Sample Robot Oven for gas extraction. Gas extraction enables moisture determination in matrices that cannot be analyzed directly in the titration cell such as, e.g., solids. The OMNIS Sample Robot Oven can be fitted with one or two Oven Modules for maximum flexibility and increased performance. A maximum of 100 samples in standard vials with a volume of 6 mL can be analyzed for moisture content completely unattended.

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