Stämm: Pioneering Biomanufacturing Innovator Opens Its European R&D Facility at The BioArk in Monthey, Switzerland.

Stämm Advances Bioprocessing Innovation with the Opening of its State-of-the-Art R&D Facility in Switzerland’s ‘Health Valley’

MONTHEY, Switzerland — Stämm, an innovative leader in bioprocessing technology, has announced the opening of its new R&D facility at the BioArk in Monthey, in the canton of Valais. Founded in 2016 in Argentina, Stämm, now boasting a robust team of over 200 in Buenos Aires and San Francisco, specializes in harnessing nature-inspired, data-driven solutions to revolutionize bioprocessing.

With the establishment of its new R&D facility in Western Switzerland, Stämm is set to bring its pioneering technology to the heart of Europe’s thriving biotech sector. The new facility at the BioArk in Monthey represents a significant step in the company’s global expansion strategy, underscoring its commitment to innovative biomanufacturing processes. Stämm anticipates the creation of approximately 30 new jobs in the region within the next 3 years, contributing significantly to the local economy and employment landscape.

This move in the heart of the “Health Valley” is aligned with Stämm’s vision to make biomanufacturing more accessible, efficient, and sustainable, thereby addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry. The strategic location of Monthey offers an ideal environment for Stämm to collaborate with leading industry players and academic institutions, further propelling their mission to transform bioprocessing through cutting-edge, environmentally conscious technology.

Juan Martín Cabaleiro, CTO of Stämm, with a rich background in mechanical engineering and microfluidics, emphasizes Stämm’s commitment to making bioprocessing easy, scalable, sustainable, and repeatable. “Our advanced microfluidic systems, inspired by nature’s microvascular networks, are designed to optimize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Establishing our presence at BioArk in Monthey aligns perfectly with our mission,” says Cabaleiro. The decision to establish a presence in Switzerland, particularly in the canton of Valais, was driven by the region’s robust biomanufacturing ecosystem and its proximity to top-tier academic institutions and key European markets. “The central location in Europe, coupled with the local industry and academic expertise, makes Monthey an ideal spot for our innovative pursuits,” adds Cabaleiro.

Support from GGBa, Economic Promotion Valais, and the Swiss Biotech Center

The establishment of Stämm in Switzerland is the result of a proactive approach by the Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa), which supported it throughout the process in collaboration with Promotion Économique Valais and the Swiss Biotech Center. Yassin Nahi from GGBa and Massimo Nobile from the Swiss Biotech Center provided essential guidance in establishing Stämm’s operations, including logistical and networking support. “The welcoming approach and effective assistance from these agencies have been invaluable in integrating Stämm into the Swiss biotech landscape,” notes Cabaleiro.

Stämm envisions becoming a catalyst for change in bioprocessing and biomanufacturing within Switzerland. The initial focus will be on collaborative projects with local entities, demonstrating the effectiveness of Stämm’s Bioprocessors. “Our goal is to solidify our presence and play a pivotal role in Swiss innovation, utilizing our strategic position to expand across Europe,” Cabaleiro concludes.

About Stämm

Stämm is at the forefront of bioprocessing innovation, specializing in the development of microfluidic systems for biomanufacturing. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Stämm’s technology promises to revolutionize the biopharma industry, offering scalable and environmentally conscious solutions

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