New Compact IRSpirit-X Series Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers Photo: IRSpirit-X Series Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Shimadzu announces the release of the IRSpirit-X series of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers: the IRSpirit-LX, IRSpirit-TX, and IRSpirit-ZX. These instruments provide both a small, lightweight design and the highest levels of sensitivity in their class. They are equipped with […]

Timegate Instruments has signed a new distribution agreement with India-based Spinco Biotech. With a dedication to excellence in all aspects of their business, Spinco Biotech is a leading distributor of Analytical and Life Science Instrumentation with over 50 growth centers across India. They strive to bring people, knowledge, innovation, and technology together to offer their customers […]

To support ongoing digital transformation in life sciences and chemistry-driven organizations, ACD/Labs has introduced Spectrus Conduit—the first out-of-the-box, low-code/no-code application that connects, designs, and manages automated dataflows from analytical instruments and other data sources. Spectrus Conduit creates standardized, harmonized digital twins of the R&D laboratory, improves collaboration, and supports downstream AI/ML applications. ACD/Labs also announced the […]

The Eindhoven-based deep-tech company MantiSpectra, a Spinoff of the Eindhoven University of Technology, has successfully secured €4 million funding to support its mission to revolutionize how we ‘see’ the world around us by enabling the adoption of near-infrared spectroscopy everywhere. Innovation Industries and PhotonVentures led the funding round. Together with the support from the PhotonDelta National Growth Fund programme, this […]

Raman imaging for wafer characterization moves to a bigger stage Oxford Instruments WITec has revealed an alpha300 Raman microscope configured especially for semiconductor research and development. It features a large-area scanning stage, wafer chuck options, and an advanced workflow manager to streamline measurements.   Semiconductors are the engines of the information age and the race […]

Companies sign joint memorandum of understanding for a strategic partnership German sensor company SICK and Swiss measurement and automation technology specialist Endress+Hauser want to intensify their cooperation. Both companies are aiming for a strategic partnership for SICK’s process automation business segment and have signed a joint memorandum of understanding. By bundling their strengths, the companies […]

Timegate Instruments is excited to introduce our latest innovation, a MicroPlate HTS System, developed to optimize your microscopic analysis! PicoRaman M3 spectrometer attached to the MicroPlate HTS System which is integrated into an Olympus IX73 inverted microscope. The MicroPlate HTS System offers a convenient and efficient High-Throughput Screening using a microplate with 96 wells. With this system, the […]

Established in 1973, today the ABB factory in Quebec, Canada manufactures market leading products for industrial analytical measurement The facility is behind innovations such as ABB’s Sensi+™ which monitors H2S, H2O and CO2 in natural gas in a single device Optical sensors built by ABB in Quebec play a vital role in detecting methane and other greenhouse gas […]

ViewCell™ optimizes downstream processes in the biopharmaceutical industry. The flow cell enables safe, continuous process control directly in the production line. The innovative process analysis technology (PAT) component acts as a sterile interface between product and optical measurement systems. MAINZ, GERMANY — Following the market launch of the ViewPort® sensor port for bioreactors, SCHOTT introduces […]

The latest WineScan™ 3 marks a milestone in wine analysis that ensures an expanding world of insight with less cost and less work than earlier solutions. Read more about the launch of the new solution and how it offers perfect timing for today’s wine industry. Ever since the revolutionary WineScan™ instrument was introduced in 1999, […]