Santa Barbara, CA — Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announces today the release of Vero, the first and only AFM with Quadrature Phase Differential Interferometry (QPDI) cantilever sensing technology. Vero builds on the ultra-high performance, stability, and capabilities of Asylum’s Cypher AFM family, and because the QPDI detector measures the true vertical tip displacement, it can […]

Park Systems, a global leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM), is proud to announce that CEO, Dr. Sang-il Park, has been honored with the prestigious Hanyang Paiknam Award. This accolade is bestowed by Hanyang University to individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of education and research, Korean culture, and society.   The […]

Park Systems, a leading provider of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nano-metrology solutions, announced that it is embarking on an exciting phase of expansion. The company broke ground on its new Gwacheon headquarters on September 15, 2023, to continue its growth expanding global footprint in the coming years. “After 26 years of leasing, thanks to […]

Researchers from Poland, France and Italy are honored for their work in cell biology, biomineralization and photonics. The WITec Paper Awards 2023 have been presented to scientists from Poland, France and Italy for their work in cell biology, biomineralization and the development of photonic devices, respectively. The competition recognizes three scientific publications per year that […]

A New General Manager of Park Systems GmbH Accurion Division, Stefan Schneider   Park Systems, a leading provider of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and nano-metrology solutions, is pleased to announce Stefan Schneider as the new General Manager of Park Systems Accurion Division (Park Systems GmbH), a prominent provider of imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry (ISE) and active […]

Park Systems, a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes (AFM) and related nano-metrology systems, announced the grand opening of its new application center in Shanghai, China. The opening ceremony was held at the WE International in Shanghai, successfully witnessing the new chapter of Park Systems Shanghai Application center. The Park Shanghai Application Center is located […]

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Oxford Instruments Asylum Research today announces the release of its new atomic force microscope (AFM) package developed for battery research, the Cypher ES Battery Edition. The configuration combines the ultra-high-performance Cypher ES AFM with an easy-to-use electrochemistry cell that enables a wide range of EC-AFM experiments. Performance features include fast scanning […]

Oxford Instruments plc, which provides high-technology products and systems to the world’s leading companies and scientific research communities, has today announced the forthcoming retirement, with the agreement of the Board, of Chief Executive Ian Barkshire, who will leave after seven years as Chief Executive and more than 25 years with the company.  Richard Tyson, currently […]

AFM Tip Characterizer (AFMTC) Park Systems, a leading provider of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and nano-metrology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its Park NANOstandard™ product line. This new product line provides calibration standard samples for AFM and SEM measurements, allowing users to accurately measure and analyze their samples. The Park NANOstandard is […]

UNISOKU collaborated with Professor Hidemi Shigekawa and his team from the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences at the University of Tsukuba to develop a time-resolved STM system by combining the optical pump-probe method and STM. Advanced material research in recent years has demanded measurement technologies that can visualize carrier dynamics […]