Atomic Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

In June, Teledyne Photon Machines announced a distribution agreement with Iolite Software, under which it will integrate Iolite’s Chromium 2.1 Software package for both Excimer Lasers and the LSX213 G2+ ND:YAG Laser Ablation System.

Bruker AXS announced in June an agreement with LRCS for the supply of the LeRiChe’S battery cell for its family of D8 XRD systems for in situ battery research in the home lab.


Product Introductions

In June, elementar launched the soli TOC cube for temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in soils, featuring temperature programming for TOC.

In July, PerkinElmer introduced the compact Avio 200 ICP-OES for multielemental inorganic analysis, featuring a vertical plasma design, low argon consumption and fast start up. It is designed to accommodate users of AA spectrometers.

Spectro Scientific announced in July the expansion of its SpectrOil 100 Series with the introduction of the SpectrOil 110, a basic engine-wear package, and the SpectrOil 120, which consists of standard and extended range packages.

Tribogenics released in July the next generation version of its handheld Watson XRF metal analyzer for positive materials identification. New features include a field-exchangeable and auto-calibrated source cartridge.

In July, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments launched the new MIDEX small-spot XRF analyzer, a midrange, benchtop analyzer for precious metals testing. It features increased accuracy and accelerated testing times.

HORIBA Scientific released in July software enhancements for its MESA-50 XRF Analyzer, which feature a flexible layout and the ability to analyze one set of results while measuring another.

In July, Rigaku introduced the next generation XtaLAB mini II benchtop chemical crystallography system, a single crystal XRD system. Additions include a new hybrid pixel array detector, as well as the CrysAlis instrument control and data processing package.

In August, PANalytical released the Empyrean Nano edition for nanoscale structures and dimensions, offering ultra-small-angle XRS, 1D and 2D SAXS/WAXS and total scattering techniques.

In September, Bruker launched the third generation Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization Systems (AMICS) software package for its QUANTAX ED-XRF for SEM and its M4 TORNADO Micro-XRF spectrometer. AMICS provides automated identification and quantification of mineral and synthetic phases.

Bruker released in September the new TRACER 5i handheld XRF elemental analyzer, featuring a more powerful tube and detector, an automated filter wheel and a manual filter slot, as well as added convenience for in situ use.

Olympus introduced in September the Vanta handheld XRF analyzer for durability in harsh industrial environments.

In September, Agilent Technologies launched the Agilent 4210 microwave plasma–atomic emission spectrometer, which runs on air rather than flammable gas, featuring new automation software for remote elemental analysis.

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