COVID-19 R&D Funding Continues to Pour In

Selected April 2020 COVID-19 Related R&D Funding Announcements
Funder Recipients Amount Details
Japan Various €230 million ($248 million) Sweden’s Office of Science and Innovation reported that on April 7, Japan’s Ministry for Health, Labor and Welfare made the investment for COVID-19 treatment and vaccine R&D.
Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare (KMHW) and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Various $174 million The 10-year project will fund domestic vaccines development for infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Leading the project will be the Yonsei University-Industry Foundation. Investment areas range from basic research through manufacturing.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Various $150 million Part of the Foundation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new funding will go toward creating new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. Additionally, it will focus on supporting heath systems in Africa and South Asia and address social and economic needs resulting from the pandemic.
The Netherlands Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) €50 million ($54 million) NLToday reported that the Dutch government is donating to CEPI in response to CEPI’s goal of raising $2 billion to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. CEPI is a private-public organization to coordinate and accelerate virus R&D worldwide for emerging infectious diseases.
Canada CEPI CAD $40 million ($28 million) Canada is one of latest nations to donate to CEPI. In previous years, In prior years, Canada made donations of $14 million to the organization.
Richard King Mellon Foundation Various $15 milllion The funding includes local investments in vaccine research, drug repurposing and manufacturing needs. Grants are available via invitation. Other areas of investment include support of economic measures and assistance for the unemployed.