ICx Technologies formed ICx Cryogenics to exclusively distribute Rico Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems’ products. PerkinElmer launched the EcoAnalytix Initiative, a series of application-oriented platforms for food safety, water quality and biofuels development, and announced the establishment of four EcoAnalytix global application development centers in Shelton, Connecticut; Seer Green, England; Shanghai, China; and Mumbai, India. In […]

The boom in the metals market have led to record prices and a steep increase in profits for mining companies. Satisfying the current demand for the minerals to make metals requires new exploration, as well as faster and more efficient mining and processing. Such needs have stimulated demand for automated analysis techniques that provide higher […]

Another company is set to join the ranks of publicly held analytical instrument companies with annual revenues of more than $1 billion. On December 3, Bruker BioSciences announced a $914 million agreement to acquire Bruker BioSpin (see page 2). Combined, the companies recorded pro forma revenues of $850.5 million in 2006, adjusted operating profit of […]

Microliter spectrophotometry is a technique used to measure extremely small sample sizes, but its market potential is anything but small. Recent activity in the market has reflected both large and small companies’ recognition of the prospects of microliter spectrophotometry. In October, Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired NanoDrop (see IBO 10/15/07), the market leader. Next year, GE […]

Invitek Biotechnology and Biodesign GmbH, in cooperation with the Chinese company Allrun Nano Science & Technology, will adapt and extend its products for manual and automated magnetic extraction of nucleic acids. Invitrogen licensed Natural Section’s mRNA sequences for commercialization. Bio&Sel will sell and distribute nexttec GmbH’s one-step DNA isolation kits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. […]

In November, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, announced a three-year, $28 billion funding package for science and technology. This spending increase would push science spending in Brazil up to 1.5% of GDP, up from current spending of approximately 1% of GDP. The new science plan focuses particularly on supporting private industry’s […]

The Indian government has instituted a new strategy to boost the productivity of its biotechnology sector and improve its biotechnology education system. The strategy seeks to bring production in the biotechnology industry to $7 billion by 2012 and create world-class research and educational centers. The government plans to spend INR 65,000 million ($1.6 billion) on […]

Sigma-Aldrich released the Proteomics Dynamic Range Standard UPS2. Sigma-Aldrich launched the N-TER Nanoparticle siRNA Transfection Systems for the delivery of siRNA into cell types that are difficult to transfect with lipid-based reagents. PerkinElmer released the Phos-tag Gold colorimetric assay for phosphoproteins in solution and the Phos-tag Enrich assay for phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides in biological samples. […]

The field of microscopy was truly revolutionized by the development of electron microscopy in the 1930s, resulting in the first commercial products at the end of that decade. Prior to this revolution, optical microscopy had developed to the point that instruments were running into theoretical limitations of spatial resolution. Features smaller than the wavelengths of […]

UK-based Analysco is now distributing New Era Enterprises’ NMR sample tubes and accessories. In August, Oxford Instruments acquired VeriCold Technologies GmbH, a manufacturer of pulse tube refrigerators, for an initial payment of £2.0 million ($4.0 million) and an additional £3.7 million ($7.3 million) payable over two years based on growth targets. Varian will comarket and […]