The analytical and life science instrument industry has made impressive gains in productivity, as measured by sales per employee, in recent years due the greater use of lean manufacturing programs, enterprise resource planning systems, as well as outsourcing and offshoring. At the same time, companies continue to invest in sales and marketing to drive market […]

On a basic level, a workflow is a sequence of steps necessary to complete a designated task. In a laboratory, there are many workflows. For example, a workflow may consist of the specific procedures for preparing a sample for analysis. Another workflow may encompass sample preparation as well as sample analysis. Laboratory product and instrument […]

Japanese drug maker Daiichi Sankyo’s announcement of its plan to acquire Indian generic drug company Ranbaxy Laboratories has observers speculating as to other possible acquisitions in the generic drug market. Such acquisitions would diversify large pharmaceutical firms’ product lines, would allow them to capitalize on government efforts to encourage generic drug usage and would enable […]

Company Announcements Poland’s Selvita Life Sciences Solutions was named an authorized partner of Starlims Technologies. In May, Starlims Technologies acquired Laboratory Expertise Center and launched a unit to provide strategic informatics consulting services to its customers. CambridgeSoft formed an alliance with Stewart Computational Chemistry in April to ensure compatibility between their respective MOPAC2007 semiempirical quantum […]

Company Announcements SGE Analytical Science opened an office in Shanghai, China, in December 2007. In April, JEOL and JOEL Datum formed Datum Instruments, a new company for servicing JEOL’s environmental, metrology and inspection equipment, including benchtop MS, fluorescent x-ray analyzers, portable GCs and mobile scanning electron microscopes. In April, Sartorius Stedim Biotech opened a Technical […]

New York, NY 6/9/08—Fluidigm has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment and demand for jury trial in the US District Court Southern District of New York. In its filing, Fluidigm stated that the complaint is in response to a letter the company received from Applied Biosystems/Applera on June 4. The letter demanded that Fluidigm cease […]

According to Ernst & Young’s European Investment Monitor, the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Europe rose 5% last year to 3,712. The UK was the top destination, accounting for 19% of project announcements (713 projects), followed by France with 15%. Serbia, the Ukraine and Russia recorded the largest percentage increases in projects […]

From January to March, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research conducted a survey of 645 biotechnology companies. Revenues for the 496 “dedicated” biotech companies, defined as companies predominantly focused on biotech, increased 14% in 2007 to €2.1 billion ($2.9 billion), and R&D spending rose 8% to €1.05 billion. These companies have 14,360 employees in […]