The holy grail of medical analytical technologies is an instrument into which a clinician can put a drop of blood or saliva that quickly and accurately reports back any and all diseases a person may have. Although there have been major performance advancements in MALDI-TOF instrumentation in recent years, there is still significant need for […]

Company Announcements Anton Paar GmbH announced that it will not participate in Pittcon 2010, but will take part in Analytica next year and Pittcon in 2011. Teledyne Tekmar partnered with FernCreek Technologies in June for distribution in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. Halma Health and Analysis’s sales for fiscal 2009 ended March 31 […]

Company Announcements Nano-photonics firm Moxtek and Philips Research are collaborating to develop a wire-grid glass microarray chip for improved accuracy that would not require a washing step and would perform hybridization and detection in parallel. Under an OEM agreement, InforSense is providing data analysis and visualization functionality for febit’s Geniom flexible microarray platform. Susan D. […]

Man-Tech Associates, an early developer of automated titration systems, was founded in 1995 and is part of a group of companies that includes Man-Sci and Mandel Scientific. Total group revenues are around $20 million and the group has 80 employees. Man-Tech began as a venture to develop and commercialize software and robotics for titration. According […]

Company Announcements Process Analysis and Automation and Matrical announced a strategic partnership. Tecan and innovates are jointly marketing their respective Freedom EVO cell culture workstations and Cellavista cell detection devices. Tecan expanded its collaboration with pION to include solutions for drug permeability and solubility screening. MDS Analytical Technologies’ SpectraMax L microplate luminometers received Dual-Luciferase Reporter […]

Company Announcements ZyGEM signed exclusive distribution agreements with Shanghai Sangon Biological Engineering Technology & Services for China and SolGent for South Korea. The company also agreed to codistribute products from Integrated DNA Technologies, Quanta Biosciences, Biometrica and Porvair Services in New Zealand and certain parts of Australia. Rubicon Genomics incorporated ZyGEM’s enzymatic nucleic acid extraction […]

Scheduled to take effect in October, China’s latest revisions to its intellectual property laws will affect foreign and domestic drug makers. The new “standard for novelty” principle requires that a patent be issued if the invention is truly new, not just new to China. The revisions also eliminate the requirement that patents on Chinese inventions […]

Company Announcements Under a resale agreement announced in June, LEAP Technologies will be able to incorporate PerkinElmer’s UHPLC and HPLC technology into front-end automation systems for MS within the US and Canada. In July, Eksigent Technologies announced plans to increase its manufacturing capacity by 40%. In August, W. R. Grace & Co.’s Grace Davis Discovery […]

In 2007, R&D spending by the EU27 totaled €229 billion ($314 billion), and was flat at 1.85% of GDP. Germany (€62 billion), France (€39 billion) and the United Kingdom (€37 billion) accounted for 60% of R&D expenditures. The highest R&D intensities (R&D as a percentage of GDP) were recorded by Sweden (3.60%), Finland (3.47%) and […]

The Indian government plans to increase its oversight of environmental issues, including the protection of natural resources. Jairam Ramesh, the country’s environmental minister, stated that India will set up an environmental protection agency based on the US’s EPA to enforce environmental regulations. The establishment of so-called civil “green courts” to alleviate the backlog of environmental […]