Brea, CA 7/22/10—On its conference call discussing second-quarter results, Beckman Coulter announced that it has reduced its outlook for 2010 Life Sciences revenues by $30–$40 million. The company stated it has revised its expectations for the business due to less-than-expected stimulus-related sales and reduced spending by pharmaceutical companies due to consolidation activities. The revised outlook […]

Peptide synthesizers work by treating amino acids with reagents to protect functional groups on the molecule where reactions are not desired. Suitably activated amino acids are then added with various reagents. After synthesis, the completed peptide is cleaved from the resin for purification. Peptide synthesizers come in manual, semi-automated and fully automated formats. Manual synthesizers, […]

Company Announcements Under a strategic product licensing, manufacturing, comarketing and collaborative R&D agreement, Pressure BioSciences was licensed by Target Discovery to manufacture and sell a line of reagents for use with its Pressure Cycling Technology for the extraction and recovery of intact, functional proteins associated with cell membranes in tissue samples. BioSystem Development and ProZyme […]

Company Announcements IDBS entered into a strategic partnership with Soluzioni Informatiche for distribution of its E-Workbook Suite in Italy. TIBCO Software partnered with IDBS to integrate their respective Spotfire Analytics Platform and ActivityBase chemistry technology for exploring the extended effects of chemical structures on biological activity. Bio-IT World reported in April that Microsoft spun off […]

Company Announcements Biotage AB announced a distribution partnership with John Morris Scientific for Australia and New Zealand. In April, Biotage announced long-term financial goals that can be achieved by 2012: organic growth of at least 10%, an increase in gross margin by 1–2 percentage points per year with a goal of achieving a gross margin […]

Company Announcements Life Technologies and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) announced an exclusive collaboration to create the National High-Throughput Sequencing Center, the largest sequencing facility in Germany. The center will operate 10 SOLiD 4 hq systems. In June, Illumina announced a new price of $19,500 for its individual genome–sequencing service, and a price of […]

This month, Luminex launched the MAGPIX based on its multiplexing XMAP technology. The system can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on up to 50 analytes per well (using a 96-well microplate), including proteins, antibodies and oligonucleotides. Priced at $35,000, the MAGPIX is almost half the price of the Luminex 200. Unique among Luminex products is […]

The May 15 issue of IBO contained the first-quarter Laboratory Instrument Sales Index, including estimates for Shimadzu and Oxford Instruments. Both companies have now reported their financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31. As a result, final figures for the Index have been calculated for the calendar-year first quarter. First-quarter Index revenues grew […]

The Chinese government has been instrumental in attracting multinational drug firms to the country for R&D. In 2008, as part of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the government initiated the $960 million New Drug Creation and Development Program to assist Chinese pharmaceutical R&D. Universities and institutes’ research collaborations with multinational drug companies are among the recipients […]