Zeteo Tech Expands IP Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Technology

SYKESVILLE, Md. — Zeteo Tech, Inc., the biodefense and medical device company that has developed a revolutionary new class of fieldable biological mass spectrometers and innovative human breath detection technologies, announced today the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 11658021, titled “Systems and Methods of Rapid and Autonomous Detection of Aerosol Particles.”

Using the patented “point-of-need” portable threat detection system, air samples can be automatically collected and analyzed for chemical and biological aerosolized threat agents, including bacteria, viruses, toxins, and chemicals such as fentanyl. The system’s sophisticated microfluidics, control architecture, threat agent library, and AI/ML software enable threat identification with high specificity and sensitivity within just a few minutes.

“This latest patent adds to Zeteo Tech’s robust IP portfolio protecting our technology that can perform rapid analysis of biological aerosols, including bacteria, viruses, and toxins,” said Dr. Wayne Bryden, President and CEO of Zeteo Tech. “Our mission is to collaborate with partners to commercialize our technology in order to help protect life and critical infrastructure by enabling rapid detection and accelerated initiation of emergency management protocols. For example, the system is capable of rapidly detecting new biological threats and being deployed in potential pandemic scenarios, similar to COVID-19.”

This patent marks the fourth U.S. Patent for Zeteo Tech on mass spectrometry technology, (3 granted and 1 allowed). In addition, Zeteo Tech has 12 mass spectrometry related foreign patents, (11 granted and 1 allowed).

Zeteo Tech has licensed its portable threat detection technology to Albuquerque-based bioaerosol surveillance company, BioFlyte. This agreement allows BioFlyte to use the technology for environmental sampling, detection, monitoring, and identification of chemical and biological threats within the defense and security market. BioFlyte is partnering with financial institutions, government organizations, like the Department of Defense, and airports, such as the Pittsburgh International Airport, to test and demonstrate the capabilities of its BioTOF™ z200 system.

“BioFlyte emerged from Zeteo Tech’s impressive portfolio of proprietary mass spectrometry technology, and our ongoing strategic partnership has been critical for our growth,” said BioFlyte CEO Todd Sickles. “With Zeteo’s support, BioFlyte is commercializing this groundbreaking rapid threat detection technology to protect people, critical infrastructure, and more.”

To learn more about Zeteo Tech and its technology, please visit www.zeteotech.com.

About Zeteo Tech
Zeteo Tech is a venture-backed biodefense and medical device company that has developed a revolutionary new class of fieldable biological mass spectrometers. Zeteo’s instruments identify airborne microbes, proteins, and lipids, and can be used to screen for infectious disease and other biothreats. Its innovative, patented and patent-pending time of flight mass spectrometry technology, digitalMALDI®, enables fully automated and near real-time identification of bio-threats in operational environments and dramatically lowers cost-of-ownership relative to the biomolecular reagent-based systems being currently deployed for biodefense applications. To learn more, visit www.zeteotech.com.

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