Laboratory spectroscopic reflectometry is a niche market within the surface metrology market. Although it is heavily tied to the semiconductor and electronics industries, its has significant applications in other areas as well. The competitors in the market are generally small, and not particularly well known outside of the surface metrology market. Spectroscopic reflectometry is used […]

Gold Award IBO’s 2008 Gold Award for laboratory equipment design goes to Hamilton’s automatic pipettor, the Microlab Nimbus. The idea for the Nimbus came about after “Hamilton identified an unmet demand in the biopharmaceutical marketplace for . . . automated pipetting in key fundamental applications such as plate replication, serial dilution and reagent additions, while […]

Company Announcements In June, BioForce Nanosciences named NanoAndMore a US distributor. Cogenics, Roche’s 454 Life Sciences and Limagrain Verneuil entered into a collaborative agreement to develop solutions for large-scale crop SNP discovery, under which 454 will sequence 2GB of the wheat genome. Caliper Life Sciences gained limited access to certain optical imaging technologies owned by […]

Company Announcements Affymetrix extended its Collaborations in Cancer Research Program to North America, forming alliances with 15 cancer researchers. Affymetrix named AltheaDx as an authorized service provider. Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborated with protein microarray firm Gentel Biosciences to shift microarrays to a new 96-well configuration and ELISA-like format. Thermo sells the product under the SmartPlex […]

According to a survey of 255 companies conducted by Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei Shimbun and published in July, R&D investment by Japan’s private sector totaled JPY 12.5 trillion ($113.16 billion), a 6.9% increase. Of the companies surveyed, 32.9% plan to increase R&D spending by more than 10% within the next five years. Fifty-five percent of […]

According to data gathered from the US clinical trials registry for phases II–IV studies between October 2005 and September 2007, six major therapeutic areas accounted for 68% of all protocols and 74% of all sites. In order from most to least activity, these six areas were oncology, central nervous system (CNS) disorders, cardiology, infectious diseases, […]

The Russian government plans to spend $2.7 billion by 2015 to revitalize the country’s chemicals industry. The Industry and Trade Ministry program will produce 200 projects in the chemicals sector and 10,000 new jobs. Closely linked to the 2007–2015 State Armament Program, the funding will primarily go toward the development and production of carbon-fiber composites, […]

Santa Clara, CA 8/14/08—Symyx Technologies has acquired Integrity Biosolution for an undisclosed amount. Integrity Biosolution offers contract formulation research and analytical services, including formulation and stability solutions for large molecule biopharmaceuticals and fill/finish services for Phase I and II clinical trial volumes. Symyx stated that the acquisition adds biological formulation services to its Research Services […]

Brookfield, WI 8/8/08—Thermo Fisher Scientific has acquired AquaSensors, which designs and manufacturers measurement systems for water quality and process control applications. AquaSensors’ products include “smart” and analog process electrodes for pH/ORP (oxidation reduction potential), conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ozone, free chlorine, turbidity and suspended solids. The company will join Thermo Fisher’s Water Analysis Instruments business, part […]

BASF and Dow hold the top two spots in this year’s Chemical & Engineering News survey of the top 50 chemical producers, with 2007 chemicals sales of $65.04 billion and $53.51 billion, an increase of 20% and 9%, respectively. The aggregate profit margin for the top 50 firms was 10.4%, up from last year’s 9.5%. […]