The high proportion of demand from government and academic laboratories, as well as its association with life science applications, has helped to insulate the molecular spectroscopy market from the recession. In 2009, the molecular spectroscopy market contracted 3.3% to $3.4 billion, but it should show a solid rebound in 2010, with more than 8% growth. […]

Despite the ill effects of the downturn in global economies, the life science instrumentation market has remained relatively stable. The market accounted for the largest share of the analytical instrumentation market, which was nearly $10.3 billion in revenues in 2009. Sales are expected to increase 5.9% in 2010, with demand driven by government-funded research initiatives […]

Last year, IBO speculated that environmental applications would help to keep demand for several of the relevant atomic spectroscopy techniques stable in 2009; this turned out to be only partially the case. Although certain elemental analyzers and sum parameter instruments like Total Organic Carbon (TOC) did continue to achieve growth, the workhorse environmental techniques of […]

Surface science techniques provide microscopic analysis of surfaces and samples. The individual technologies span an enormous range of sophistication, from light microscopes that cost thousands of dollars to complicated confocal microscopes and ultra high-vacuum surface analysis systems with price tags a thousand times larger. Microscopic analysis of surfaces and samples together represented nearly $4.3 billion […]

As a regular feature of our annual forecast issue, IBO selects a firm from our industry as the “company of the year.” In designating the company of the year, IBO recognizes an analytical and life science instrument maker that has accomplished technical, operational and financial achievements. Such achievements are a function of strong financial performance, […]

Agilent Buys Varian Although not officially completed (see IBO 12/31/09), the deal brings together two of the analytical instrument industry’s largest companies, creating a broad-based supplier of laboratory instrumentation and consumables, whose size and diversity of technology offerings for chromatography, MS, atomic spectrometry and molecular spectrometry is matched only by Bruker, Shimadzu and Thermo Fisher […]

The category of general analytical techniques includes a number of technologies, such as laboratory balances, centrifuges and radioactivity-measuring instruments. These techniques do not easily aggregate into a single category, yet are found in most laboratories. Combined, these techniques accounted for about $2.7 billion in sales in 2009, and sales are forecast to grow at a […]

Instruments for materials characterization utilize a diverse range of individual techniques to explore the material properties of the sample, as opposed to chemical or optical properties. With the exception of calorimetry, sales in all of the individual markets declined in 2009, with the total market dipping below $2 billion. Fortunately, the forecast for 2010 is […]