First-quarter revenues for IBO’s Laboratory Instrument Sales Index declined 2.4% to $4,863 million. Operating profit improved 2.0% to $849 million, and operating margin climbed 80 basis points to 17.5% of sales. Revenues were adversely affected by the economic slowdown and, for US firms, by the higher valuation of the US dollar. A majority of companies […]

Company Announcements PerkinElmer is developing an interface for Agilent’s EZChrom Elite chromatography data systems to control the Clarus family of GCs. It will be available in July. Under a strategic alliance announced in February, Markes International’s thermal desorption systems (TD) and accessories are now available as OEM items through Agilent and are supported by Agilent. […]

San Diego, CA 5/5/09—Illumina, a supplier of genomic analysis instrumentation and consumables, has filed a patent infringement suit against microarray firm Affymetrix. Filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, the suit alleges that Affymetrix’s GeneChip HT Array Plate and HT Array Place Scanner infringe Illumina’s US Patent No. 7,510,841 (Methods […]

Company Announcements In January, Sigma-Aldrich’s SAFC Pharma business began operations at its new 7,000-square-foot lab complex in Carlsbad, California. The facility augments SAFC’s biologics and assay-development capabilities. MDS Analytical Technologies’ first-quarter sales for the quarter ended January 31 declined 27% to $85 million, including a 9% decline in revenue due to foreign-exchange effects (see IBO […]

St. Louis, MO 5/14/09—Emerson Process Management has acquired Scientific Instruments’ on-line wet chemistry analyzers product line for an undisclosed price. The product line includes silica, sodium, phosphate and hydrazine monitors that are used to control plant processes in the power and water treatment markets. The product lines have become part of Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical division. […]

Auger electron spectroscopy is an analytical technique that provides the atomic composition of near-surface layers in various materials science applications. The technique is based on the Auger effect, which occurs when a high-energy electron or X-ray removes an inner electron from an atom in the sample. When another electron makes a quantum transition to fill […]

Company Announcements Fluxion Biosciences announced exclusive distribution agreements with IUL Instruments GmbH for Germany and Austria, and with EuroClone for Italy, Spain, Portugal and countries in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. PerkinElmer announced a collaboration with IDBS for the integration of their respective Columbus image data-management system for high-content screening (HCS) and AcitvityBase XE screening […]

Waltham, MA 5/5/09—PerkinElmer has acquired Analytica of Branford, a provider of MS and ion source technology, for approximately $24.0 million in cash. “The acquisition of Analytica will allow us to offer our customers access to critical technologies such as time-of-flight and quadrupole mass spectrometers and new ion sources that provide more complete information as well […]