Washington, DC 5/20/09; San Jose, CA 5/6/09—The US District Court for the Northern District of California has preliminarily approved a settlement agreement between Affymetrix and shareholders in a 2006 shareholder derivative action brought against company officers. Shareholder derivative actions are lawsuits brought by shareholders against a company’s management for the violation of fiduciary duties. Three […]

In what a number of publicly traded analytical instrument companies called their toughest quarter ever, the first quarter of calendar-year 2009 was a challenging environment for sales of analytical and laboratory instruments and even, in some cases, laboratory consumables. Revenues in reported currencies for 10 of the 11 companies profiled on pages 9–11 declined during […]

Paris and Houston, TX 5/28/09—Air Liquide’s Healthcare business has acquired Pacific Science, a provider of cryobiology equipment and services to biobanks, effective May 1. Based in Torrance, California, with 15 employees, Pacific Science distributes incubators, freezers and biological safety cabinets. Air Liquide Healthcare stated that the acquisition would provide a channel for the US sales […]

France’s new nanotechnology program, Nano-INNOV, will receive €70 million ($98 million) in funding, including €46 million to support the construction of a research center in Saclay science park. Construction, which will begin by year end, is expected to be expedited because the new lab will be built using the design of existing labs. Nano-INNOV will […]

Company Announcements Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) and Optra Systems are developing software to visualize and analyze data from high-resolution scanners. In March, OGT acquired Sense Proteomic, which uses its protein array platform to identify autoantibody signatures for biomarker discovery. Gentel will use Eprogen’s ProteoSep protein fractionation technique to create whole-proteome microarrays from individual cell lines […]

Cambridge, England 5/21/09—Grant Instruments, a manufacturer of scientific, life science and data acquisition products, has purchased the assets and intellectual property of Accsense for an undisclosed amount. Accsense designs remote monitoring systems using self-healing mesh network technology. “We are seeing increased demand for wireless sensor solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to use and […]

Medicare has proposed not to pay for tests to determine the proper dose of wafarin for a patient due to insufficient evidence of their effectiveness compared to current methods. The genetic tests costs $50–$500. However, Medicare stated it would pay for the tests in clinical trials. The public may comment on the proposal for one […]

Uppsala, Sweden and Stamford, CT 5/28/09—GE Healthcare has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with FUJIFILM for the development, manufacture and supply of advanced biomolecular imaging systems to be sold under the GE brand. “Fujifilm’s high quality technology platforms fit well with our proprietary labeling technologies and the adjacent fields in the imaging workflow that […]

Company Announcements CovaIX AG and BioAnalyte are codeveloping software for discovering how proteins interact in large complexes. Prosolia received an NIH Small Business Technology Transfer grant to develop with Indiana University an atmospheric pressure glow discharge for direct analysis of samples under ambient conditions. Agilent announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the EPA’s […]

To combat the effects of the global economic climate, China’s cabinet recently approved CNY62.8 billion ($9.2 billion) in funding for 11 research programs in national public and private institutions, including universities and small businesses. Areas of focus include energy, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Among the projects are the development of water pollution treatment technology, new drugs […]