The super-resolution optical technology will accelerate discovery in biomedical research and transform in vitro diagnostics Caption: The patented technology forms part of a new multi-omic platform, pictured, that accelerates biomedical research and transforms in vitro diagnostics. CAMBRIDGE, UK –  SMi Systems has secured a patent from the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for the single-molecule imaging technologies that […]

Scientifica are pleased to announce our partnership with Chromacity, a provider of ultrafast laser systems. This partnership means that Chromacity lasers can be offered as a light source option for Scientifica multiphoton imaging systems. Christian Wilms, Scientifica’s R&D Manager, said “Life scientists using multiphoton microscopy in their research are always striving to look deeper into living tissue. The recent […]

New SCAPE 2.0 system can serve as a critical tool to advance science and medicine The Columbia team behind the revolutionary 3D SCAPE microscope announces today a new version of this high-speed imaging technology. In collaboration with scientists from around the world, they used SCAPE 2.0 to reveal previously unseen details of living creatures — […]

• Gives fast, deep and clear images for live observation over long periods • Scientists can study a larger range of applications thanks to multiple imaging modes integrated on one device – saving the need for multiple instruments. • EDGE Confocal imaging allows deeper imaging into samples, tissues or organisms Seattle, Washington – GE Healthcare […]