Chemical industry insiders are concerned that poor market conditions may lead to a premature downturn in the global industry, despite strong growth for the industry in China and India. Deutsche Bank, for example, expects that a worldwide slowdown in the chemical industry will begin in 2009. This downturn is predicted to have a greater effect […]

For companies in the instrument industry, protecting patents is a crucial aspect of business. As was the case in last year’s article (see IBO 11/30/06), Bio-Rad, Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen continue to be among the most legally aggressive companies. First, to begin on a positive note, Bio-Rad’s suit against 4titude and Phenix Research Products was […]

The construction of new laboratories is growing in Asia, driven by government funding (see page 7) and manufacturing and R&D investment from the West. China’s Ministry of Science and Technology alone has approved the construction of 27 “national key laboratories” this year. China’s Ministry of Commerce reported this month that over 1,000 R&D centers have […]

Kingdom: Preliminary results from a survey by the Sensors and Instrumentation Knowledge Transfer Network (SIKTN) show that 57% of UK sensor and scientific instrument companies plan to boost research spending in the next year. On average, sensor and instrument companies in the UK intend to increase research spending by 10%. In addition, 75% of the […]

A study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) has found that the number of cancer drugs in clinical development has more than doubled between 1990 and 2006. However, only 8% of these drug candidates received marketing approval during the studied period. When broken down by compound type, market approval percentages […]

London, UK 9/19/07—Whatman has begun a three-year overhaul of operations, following completion of a strategic review. The announcement was made during the company’s review of first-half results (see page 12). The three-phase plan is designed to produce an £8 million ($16.0 million) increase in annual profits. In the first phase, Whatman has begun to address […]

Woburn, MA 9/27/07—Nova Analytics’ Nova Analytics Deutschland GmbH subsidiary has acquired Bellingham & Stanley. Based in the UK, Bellingham & Stanley is a developer and manufacturer of refractometers and polarimeters. “B&S provides Nova Analytics with a range of refractometers and polarimeters, further enhancing our expansion into new markets,” stated Nova Analytics President and COO Chris […]

Csols, a provider of implementation domain expertise, partnered with Starlims Technologies in June. Chenomx integrated its Chenomx NMR Suite with GeneGo’s MetaCore and MetaDrug Discovery platform. Genomatix GmbH formed Genomatix Software, a North American subsidiary headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ariadne Genomics opened a European sales and support office in June. India’s Optra Systems opened […]

Applied Biosystems launched the Variant Reporter Software for resequencing applications. Tripos released Chemistry Extensions v.1.0 for KNIME. PerkinElmer introduced LABWORKS Green, a LIMS designed specifically for the biofuels industry. LABTrack launched the low cost LABTrack Personal electronic lab notebook. In July, Waters began shipments of SDMS Vision Publisher for its NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System, […]