Unlike simpler flame and furnace spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP) uses plasma to excite atoms in a sample into giving off light. The light can be analyzed by the spectrometer in order to identify and quantify the elements present. The plasma, almost universally made from argon gas, is created by electromagnetic induction. […]

Company Announcements Illumina and Agilent entered into a comarketing agreement in April for their respective Genome Analyzer and SureSelect Target Enrichment System. In March, Luminex settled litigation related to its Molecular Diagnostics business brought by The Research Foundation for the State University of New York and the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, […]

The March 31 issue of IBO outlined specific projects funded by the EU’s €50 billion ($69.9 billion) research support mechanism, the Seventh Framework Program (FP7). The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), one of the six Joint Technology Initiatives in the Cooperation thematic subgroup of the FP7, awarded €236 million ($329.9 million) for its first call for […]

Company Announcements First-quarter revenue for Gerresheimer GmbH’s Life Science Division rose 2.8% to €22.4 million ($29.5 million) (see IBO 4/15/09). In constant currency, sales declined 9.7%. The company reported that orders slowed due to a reduction in customers’ inventory levels. Donau Lab AG will distribute Sartorius AG laboratory products in Eastern Europe, Russia and the […]

Company Announcements Idaho Technology licensed its reagents or methods using SYBR Green I technology and melting curve analysis for real-time PCR to Thermo Fisher Scientific and Finnzymes Oy. Idaho Technology signed an agreement with Microbiology International for the exclusive distribution of its R.A.P.I.D. LT Food Security System in the US. Transgenomic completed a licensing option […]

Two acquisitions were announced in late June involving providers of laboratory software (see page 2). IDBS agreed to purchase InforSense, creating a portfolio of products for storing, managing and analyzing R&D lab data. LabVantage Solutions purchased Applied Biosystems’ LIMS business, uniting two long-established LIMS companies. The acquisitions indicate further consolidation among laboratory software providers. The […]

Company Announcements Innovatis AG and Bayer Technology Services GmbH signed a marketing and sales agreement for the BaychroMAT system. Bristol-Myers Squibb licensed MTT Multantiv Oy’s methods for multivariate calibration, based on Science-Based Calibration, for calibrating multivariate measurement instruments. Endress+Hauser opened a subsidiary in Doha, Qatar, in February. BioTector Analytical Systems, a maker of online liquid […]

The Korean Ministry of Justice plans to introduce a bill this year in the National Assembly requiring the collection of DNA from convicted felons. The bill would also require that DNA samples from suspects accused of crimes in 11 categories, including murder and robbery, be collected. Source: The Korea Times

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Cancer Aid and the German Cancer Research Center will establish the National Consortium for Translational Cancer Research. The German Cancer Research Center will serve as the main site and will work with partners at university hospitals nationwide. A maximum of six sites will be chosen by early […]