Oxford Instruments has brought together the best of its analytical innovations to form the Oxford Instruments Innovation Centre, a state-of-the-art facility at its High Wycombe site. The Centre forms part of the company’s ongoing contribution to scientific advances in line with its purpose: to enable a greener, healthier, more connected advanced society. To mark the […]

To support ongoing digital transformation in life sciences and chemistry-driven organizations, ACD/Labs has introduced Spectrus Conduit—the first out-of-the-box, low-code/no-code application that connects, designs, and manages automated dataflows from analytical instruments and other data sources. Spectrus Conduit creates standardized, harmonized digital twins of the R&D laboratory, improves collaboration, and supports downstream AI/ML applications. ACD/Labs also announced the […]

Magritek has made benchtop NMR suitable for the rapid identification and quantitation of analytes during chemical reactions, in batch and continuous flow processes. This significant advancement in NMR has been achieved by Magritek thanks to the improved magnet performance of its Spinsolve ULTRA system, which enables effective and robust solvent suppression. Now, scientists can run […]

The collaboration represents MilliporeSigma’s joint steps toward breakthrough innovation to make research and quality control in the lab more efficient and sustainable. The new ChemisTwin™ platform combines ACD/Labs’ industry-leading NMR predictors with Millipore Sigma’s digital reference materials (dRMs). ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes software in support of R&D, today announced a collaboration […]

This release expands structure characterization functionality for scientists, improves analytical data management and assembly across analytical techniques and data formats, and further supports proliferation of data from the Spectrus platform to third party data science applications. Toronto, CANADA —ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes software in support of R&D, today announced the release […]

Spinlock, a leading provider of oilseed quality control and grain inspection solutions, has launched the third generation of its SLK AS 30 autosampler. The new autosampler is designed to automate the measurement of oil, oleic, and moisture content in oilseeds, making it a valuable tool for quality control and grain inspection professionals. The SLK AS […]

GHz-Class NMR, Structural Biology assisted by Artificial Intelligence, a New Scientific Software Division and Innovative Helium Solutions at EUROMAR 2023 GLASGOW, Scotland — At the EUROMAR Conference 2023 in Scotland, Bruker showcases the latest innovations in magnetic resonance technology for life science and materials science research. Bruker’s contributions to science in the United Kingdom (UK) will be further strengthened […]

Mediso released their next generation MRI spectrometer spinScan® the successor to the previously used console in the nanoScan® MRI product line. The new spectrometer was optimized for MRI applications delivering an ultra-low-noise expandable RF front-end and real-time dynamic shimming. The spectrometer is interfaced with three Mediso developed software applications to deliver a complete MRI workflow: […]

Nanalysis Collaborated on and Supplies Key Components of the System Team will be Presenting and Debuting system at ENC 2023 CALGARY, AB – Nanalysis Scientific Corp. (“the Company”, TSXV: NSCI, OTCQX: NSCIF, FRA: 1N1), a leader in portable NMR machines and MRI technology for healthcare and industrial applications announces that QUAD Systems will debuting the new 400MHz High Field NMR system […]

Advancements in NMR enable deeper insights into life science, drug discovery, and cleantech ASILOMAR, Calif. — At the Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC 2023), Bruker announces innovations for NMR spectroscopy in life science, pharma, and cleantech research to enable discoveries in functional structural biology, drug discovery, and battery research. Bruker launches the Ascend Evo 400 new standard 400 MHz NMR […]