Vironova BioAnalytics AB Acquired by an investor syndicate, led by Quatre Lab, to expand its TEM services for the pharmaceutical industry; to be rebranded as QuTEM STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Vironova BioAnalytics, a leading provider of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) services, is pleased to announce its acquisition led by QuatreLab (a quality control company created by […]

A team of researchers from the Ultramicroscopy Research Group at Trinity College Dublin, has recently completed the installation of a world-first User Adjustable Pole-piece (UAP) transmission electron microscope lens. The UAP represents a significant leap forward, offering researchers unique control and flexibility in their investigations. This installation follows five years of research and engineering efforts by the […]

IntelliSEM automated particle analysis New Thermo Scientific SEM users can now take advantage of cutting-edge automation software from RJ LEe Group RJ Lee Group is thrilled to work with Thermo Fisher Scientific to integrate IntelliSEM into their scanning electron microscopes.” – Dr. Richard J Lee PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES — RJ Lee Group, a recognized leader […]

Product: Thermo Scientific™ Hydra Bio™ Plasma-FIB Product Image: Product Overview: The new Thermo Scientific Hydra Bio Plasma-Focused Ion Beam (Plasma-FIB) is designed for cell biologists seeking simplified workflows while undertaking volume electron microscopy for cryo or resin-embedded samples. Building on the cross-industry standard Thermo Scientific Helios Hydra DualBeam platform, the Hydra Bio Plasma-FIB is a […]

RALEIGH, N.C. — Protochips, a leading developer of in situ workflow solutions, is pleased to announce the latest generation of tools that enable microscopists to scale results from bulk to the nanoscale, increase their productivity, and collaborate more effectively. Immediately available is a new version of AXON Studio™, the world’s first commercial FAIR-compliant research data […]

M&M 2023 Minneapolis, MN — JEOL introduces two new Scanning Electron Microscopes this week at M&M 2023 in Minneapolis. The new SEMs incorporate the next level of intelligent technology and automation for ease of operation and fast, high-resolution imaging and analysis. These new-generation SEMs make it easy to acquire data for all specimen types. Both new […]

Recently, CIQTEK Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SEM5000 was delivered to the Major Platform Center of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of China and officially put into use. SEM5000 can provide morphological observation services: (1) For the observation of already dried tissue samples, you can directly book the use of the instrument reservation platform. (2) […]

JEOL Ltd. (President & CEO Izumi Oi) announces the release of scanning electron microscopes JSM-IT710HR / JSM-IT210 on July 23, 2023. Scanning electron microscopes are used for a wide range of purposes from basic researches, production lines, quality assurance to research and development, and their fields of application include metals, semiconductors, batteries, biotechnology, and polymers. […]

Accelerating the development of imaging technology to advance life science research Jena/Heidelberg, Germany,  ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions — The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and ZEISS have entered a long-term strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to close the gap between early-stage imaging technology development and its application in life science research. Through this collaborative approach, users […]

Peabody and Andover, MA – Two towering JEOL Electron Microscopes stand ready to produce terabytes of valuable data for researchers at Generate:Biomedicines each day, who are accelerating drug discovery and development of novel therapeutics using machine learning and generative artificial intelligence. The two Transmission Electron Microscopes, the JEOL CRYO ARM 200 and CRYO ARM 300 are used in structural biology, […]