his month, the Turkish Statistical Institute published the results of its “2005 Research and Development Activities Survey.” According to the results, gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) in 2005 was TRY 3.83 billion ($2.83 billion), or 0.79% of GDP. The higher education sector was responsible for 54.62% of 2005’s R&D expenditure, business enterprises—which includes state […]

Laboratory equipment tends to be the humble workhorse in a lab. While it does not perform the high-profile work of measuring and analyzing samples, research simply could not be done without it. Traditionally, aesthetics have not been a priority in the design of lab equipment. The decision by a laboratory equipment manufacturer to improve the […]

Costs for oil discovery equipment and labor have kept pace with rising oil prices over the years, and are expected to drive prices higher yet. Cambridge Energy Research Associates estimates that capital expenditures for exploration in the oil industry have gone up almost 80% since 2000. In comparison, the average price of West Texas Intermediate […]

Paoli, PA 8/13/07; Paris, France 8/13/07—AMETEK has acquired CAMECA SAS, a manufacturer of secondary ion mass and low-energy X-ray emission spectrometers, as well as tomographic atom probes and electron probe microanalysis instrumentation, for €82 million ($112 million) from the Carlyle Group. Based in Paris, France, CAMECA has annual sales of approximately €60 million ($82 million). […]

Esco Technologies named Mike Martin general manager of US operations in March. He was previously general manager of Lancer Sales. Esco Technologies established a subsidiary in Salisbury, UK, earlier this year. On May 4, Becton, Dickinson and Company acquired Plasso Technology, a surface-engineering company that specializes in biological coatings for consumables, for $10 million in […]

PREMIER Biosoft International released Beacon Designer 7.0 for designing real-time PCR assays. Q Chip launched the ReaX Mastermix Lab-in-a-Bead gel-based bead and the ReaX Custom Bead Service. Spartan Bioscience launched the Spartan Dx real-time PCR DNA analyzer priced at $14,995. VWR International introduced Gene Technologies’ G-Storm thermal cyclers, consisting of three models.

According to the Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology Cooperation (FEAST), Australian biotech firms have been successful in raising capital during the first half year, ended June 30. Drug development and device companies raised a record AUD 500 million ($422.7 million) from IPOs and other capital raising efforts. Biotech firms Avexa, Acrux and Progen together […]

China has announced that it is in the middle of a $1.1 billion spending plan for the improvement of food safety. The plan started two years ago; however, news of the plan, which is expected to be completed by 2010, was only released this month. Funding from the plan will be used for a new […]

News of sports doping scandals has been prevalent this summer. While the use of performance-enhancing drugs is nothing new, the availability of advanced pharmaceuticals and the analytical methods to detect them are fairly recent developments. The most common tool of laboratory scientists working to catch sports cheats is mass spectrometry (MS). However, the market for […]