One of the more exciting developments in technology for life science research has been the adoption of medical imaging technologies for use with research animals. The ability to image animals in vivo not only reduces the need to sacrifice animals, but also enhances the information obtained from animal studies by allowing a researcher to follow […]

Company Announcements ScienceServe GmbH agreed to allow Advanced Chemistry Development to regain the right to directly manage sales and support in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. CLC bio became an Illumina Connect partner. CLC bio signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the J. Craig Venter Institute, which includes a multiyear site license. Ariadne Genomics named World […]

Russia’s Nanotechnology Corporation (Rosnano) will account for half of the country’s “midterm” investment of $10 billion in nanotechnology, according to Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. Established in 2007 by the Russian government, Rosnano is designed to attract private investments in nanotechnology and to improve the country’s nanotechnology output. Rosnano is currently set to receive $4.65 […]

Universities worldwide are tightening spending in the wake of the financial markets’ downturn. In Japan, Keio University has reported $233 million in investment losses. In the US, financial losses at Yale and Harvard have forced the colleges to delay new buildings and new hires. The failure of Iceland’s banking industry has hit UK universities, including […]

The steel industry could be ripe for a new round of mergers and acquisitions. The $800 billion industry has already experienced a number of mega-mergers during the last 10 years. Steel prices have fallen 50% over the last four months, as have stock valuations, leaving many companies vulnerable to takeovers. Companies with substantial cash and […]

Company Announcements GSI Group acquired photonics supplier Excel Technology for approximately $360 million in cash. Bruce Koepfgen resigned from Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Board in September. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology sold its Molecular Beam Epitaxy business to RIBER SA in September for €450,000 ($656,163) in cash and a cash earn-out. Steven Parker resigned from Oxford Instruments’ […]

Santa Clara, CA 12/3/08—Symyx Technologies, a provider of informatics and automation products, instruments and services, has announced a restructuring that is designed to reduce 2009 expenses by an estimated $15 million, excluding restructuring charges. The company will combine its Tools and Research operations to form the High Productivity Research unit, which will be organized by […]