IMS forecasts worldwide pharmaceutical sales to increase 4.5%–5.5%, in 2009, the same as 2008’s growth, to more than $820 billion. Oncology products will drive growth, with sales expected to increase 15%–16%. Also driving sales growth will be HIV therapies, which are forecasted to grow 13%–14%, and biologics, which are expected to grow 11%–12%. Sales of […]

Carlsbad, CA 10/28/08; Norwalk, CT 10/28/08—On October 28, Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems’ shareholders voted in separate meetings to approve the companies’ merger agreement (see IBO 6/15/08). More than 98% of the each company’s shares voted were cast in favor of the transaction, according to the companies. The transaction is expected to close once the companies […]

Capital spending by the semiconductor industry will not recover until 2010, according to the latest forecast from Gartner. This year, capital expenditures are expected to decline 25.7% to $47.1 billion, the biggest drop since 2002. Gartner attributes the decline to economic conditions and overcapacity in the memory business. The capital intensity of the semiconductor industry […]

On October 14, the EU formerly launched the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative (JTI). The JTI consists of more than 60 companies, more than 60 universities and research institutes, and the European Commission. With funding of close to €1 billion ($1.4 billion) over six years, the JTI plans to accelerate the development, commercialization […]

Company Announcements Accelerated Technology Laboratories partnered with Linko Data Systems, a provider of compliance-tracking software, to integrate their respective Sample Master Pro LIMS and pretreatment software for wastewater clients. Waters and LabKey Software, a provider of open source software, joined the BioIT Alliance in September. In September, Thermo Fisher Scientific began shipping its Proteome Discoverer […]

The United Nations recommends that China institute new food safety laws in order to restore confidence in its food supply. Specifically, the UN calls for revising the country’s basic hygiene law to include the entire food chain. The UN paper also advocates the establishment of one government agency to replace the six agencies that current […]

Company Announcements Bruker’s Advanced Supercon subsidiary hired Thomas M. Rosa, previously CFO at American Superconductor Corporation, as CFO in April. He will also lead newly established business development and customer support operations in the US. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories formed Membrane Receptor Technologies, a collaborative venture with NMR specialist Dr. Stanley Opella, which will provide atomic […]

A total of $29 billion was spent on R&D in Canada in 2007. The private sector represented 48% of funding and performed 54% of the country’s research activities. The second-largest investor in R&D was the federal government, which accounted for 19% of research funding. Fifty-two percent of 2007 federal government R&D investments went to universities […]

Carlsbad, CA 10/21/08—Invitrogen has announced the acquisition of VisiGen Biotechnologies, a developer of single-molecule sequencing technology, for $21 million in cash. VisiGen’s technology utilizes fluorescence resonance energy transfer technology and massively parallel arrays. Invitrogen Chairman and CEO Gregory Lucier commented that Invitrogen acquired VisiGen for its intellectual property and for the company’s strength in enzymology […]