Superficially porous columns (SPCs), which consist of a non-porous core fused with a porous outer layer, has been around for nearly as long as other analytical HPLC column-packing technologies. However, in the past several years, the superficially porous column technology has reinvented itself for the ultra-performance HPLC (UHPLC) era. SPCs are used for smaller particles, […]

BioScale launched its ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation in September. The system is available in two versions: the eight-sample microanalyzer, which is a manual version, and the fully automated workstation for 96-well plates, both of which are priced between $50,000 and $100,000. The systems are based on BioScale’s Acoustic Membrane and Microparticle (AMMP) technology, said BioScale […]

Company Announcements Revenue for Takara Bio’s Genetic Engineering Research unit declined 0.3% for the fiscal year ending March 31 to ¥16,689 million ($179.7 million) to make up 87% of Takara Bio sales. Operating income rose 8.7% to ¥4,151 million ($44.7 million) (see IBO 9/30/10). Sales of research reagents declined, partly due to the yen’s appreciation, […]

Company Announcements Roche NimbleGen named Macrogen as a Certified Service Provider for Korea for CGH/copy number variation (CNV) services. Microarrays Inc. was sold by Vanderbilt University in July to its management team and independent investors. Affymetrix will develop and commercialize the Axiom Chinese myDesign Genotyping Array for genome-wide association studies specifically on Chinese populations. In […]

Company Announcements Axiogenesis AG in-licensed the Yamanaka patent portfolio from iPS Academia for iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and other cell types. Sigma-Aldrich entered into a five-year agreement with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to develop methods to measure several potential biomarkers for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease using plasma samples. Sigma Life Science expects to develop antibody […]

Company Announcements Novasep and instrAction entered into a strategic alliance to provide API-selective stationary phases and large-scale chromatography processes for purifying synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds. Chiral Technologies Europe entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Vienna, Austria, for exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for novel Cinchona alkaloid-based zwitterion-exchange type chiral stationary phases. […]

The UK’s R&D budget has been reduced to £6.4 billion ($10 billion) per year for the next four years, as part of a package of public spending cuts. In real terms, the freeze will amount to about a 10% reduction. Around £2 million ($3.1 million) of the UK’s annual science budget is given directly to […]

The China-based Pharmaceutical Association has approved a new plan to put more emphasis on quality control. The plan, set to be announced next year by the State Food and Drug Administration, should eliminate some unqualified producers in the industry. The nonprofit association represents 37 multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, mostly from Europe, the US and Japan. The […]

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) now offers accreditation for forensic examination laboratories, following the publication of the National Research Council’s report, “Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward.” The program covers forensic examination, including DNA, fingerprints and crime scene examination, as well as forensic engineering, failure analysis and accident analysis. […]

Spanish scientists have voiced their concern about the scale of spending cuts outlined in the country’s draft 2011 science budget, which was presented to Spain’s Congress on September 30. In 2011, the Science and Innovation Ministry’s draft budget will decrease 1.65%, according to Science Minister Cristina Garmendia, who added the budget would be similar to […]