Thermo Fisher Scientific now directly sells to and supports Norwegian-based customers, making the complete chromatography, mass spectrometry and trace elemental analysis portfolio locally available OLSO, Norway –  Scientists in Norway will now benefit from a locally-based team that will provide a single point of contact for access to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s full chromatography, mass spectrometry […]

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s customers based in Russia can now directly buy and receive support on the complete chromatography and mass spectrometry portfolio Moscow, Russia – Scientists and laboratory personnel based in Russia using chromatography and mass spectrometry systems now have easy access to the complete collection of instruments and solutions, as well as comprehensive customer […]

The Thermo Scientific HAA9 Disinfection By-Products (HAAs) Application Workflow ensures accurate and reproducible determination of haloacetic acids in drinking water samples SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Municipal utility laboratories, contract testing laboratories, and local or regional governing agencies performing water testing can now benefit from a new, validated application workflow using ion chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (IC-MS/MS) to achieve […]

The Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion and Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion Ion Chromatography systems are now available to order online SAN JOSE, Calif. — In response to laboratories’ need to minimize in-person contact during the pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific now offers its essential Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion and Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion Ion Chromatography (IC) systems through easy, online […]

Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion Ion Chromatography System makes everyday ion analysis simpler, while reducing total cost of ownership and need for maintenance SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Small environmental and academic teaching laboratories specializing in water analysis can benefit from simpler setup and operation and improved quality with a new, compact ion chromatography (IC) system that can bring an […]

Riverview, FL  Metrohm USA is proud to announce the launch of the new ProfilerF series of Total Fluorine Analyzers. The ProfilerF Wastewater system is a single analyzer system capable of measuring the total organic fluorine profile in liquid samples and, with it, the impact of potentially harmful compounds on the environment. The ProfilerF Solids analyzer […]