Company Announcements Cell Line Genetics agreed in June to exclusively sell Ambry Genetics’ Ambry StemArray aCGH (array comparative genomic hybridization) product and services. In July, SQI Diagnostics, a microarray diagnostics firm, agreed to acquire Scienion, a maker of microarray-manufacturing equipment and provider of print-and-development services, for around CAD $30 million ($31 million), consisting of CAD […]

Ellipsometry is a spectroscopic technique used to measure dielectric properties of thin films. Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), in particular, can provide a wealth of information. The rapid development of a number of industries in which SE is used is helping to drive growth in what is a fairly competitive instrument market. Ellipsometry is the analysis of […]

With its offerings of several different types of light-scattering instruments, as well as a service to demonstrate how to use these instruments, Wyatt Technology aims to equip its customers with comprehensive particle characterization information about their samples. The company offers dynamic light-scattering instruments, such as the DynaPro NanoStar, which measures small volumes of proteins; the […]

Recovery for material characterization solutions for the metals and mining industry, along with sustained growth for products used by the electronics industry and strong demand from emerging territories, boosted sales for British companies Oxford Instruments and Spectris. For the fiscal year 2011 ending March 31, Oxford Instruments’ sales climbed 24.0% to £262.3 million ($409.8 million […]

Company Announcements XiGo Nanotools named DKSH its exclusive representative for Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. In May, Perten Instruments established a sales and service operation in Rome, Italy. Malvern Instruments entered into a development and licensing agreement for Paraytec’s ActiPix UV area imaging technology. Malvern gained exclusive rights to develop, market and sell the technology […]

Company Announcements Stratos Genomics announced in June that it received $2.1 million in funding to develop its low-cost Sequencing by Expansion method for whole-genome analysis and molecular diagnostics. In July, Quanterix entered into a collaboration with Sony DADC Austria for the development and manufacture of smart consumables for use in life science and in vitro […]

Company Announcements Advanced Chromatography Systems and its operating sister companies, Cambridge Scientific Instruments and Unicam Chromatography, in March introduced Ellutia as their new global brand and name. The Open University and Agilent UK launched in May the Agilent Center of Excellence in Comprehensive Chromatography. The Center provides instrument demonstrations, application development and method training. Product […]

Company Announcements Shimadzu announced in June a collaborative research agreement with Japan’s National Cancer Center in the areas of early cancer diagnosis, pharmacokinetic analysis and medical treatments. In June, JEOL opened a company based in New Delhi, India, dedicated to analytical instruments. Blue Star remains the company’s Indian distributor but will concentrate on Electron Optics […]

A first-of-its-kind national cancer genetic testing program commences this month in the UK. The Stratified Medicine Program, managed by Cancer Research UK, will analyze tumor samples of 9,000 patients with one of six common cancers to customize treatment to the tumor’s genetic composition. Seven hospitals and three laboratories will be involved in testing the samples […]

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) announced earlier this month that it will invest $244 million in 64 projects in protein research, quantum technology, nanotechnology, development and reproductive biology, stem cells, and Earth science. The funding is part of the sixth year of MOST’s National Major Scientific Research Program, which invested $160 million […]